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São Paulo, I love you!

Pinacoteca Jan 2012 (47)

Pinacoteca e Parque da Luz

Jardim Botânico Jan 2012 (103)

Jardim Botânico

virada cultural2012 (13)

Sala São Paulo

Foto 2058

Estação da Luz

TheatroSPedroJan2012 (7)

Theatro São Pedro

IbirapueraDec2012 (52)

Parque do Ibirapuera

sescdez2012 (17)

Sesc Itaquera, Palco da Orquestra Mágica

Foto 3730

Parque da Aclimação

Rosas2012 (31)

Escola de Samba Rosas de Ouro


Avenida Paulista under heavy rain from Estação Consolação


Mercadão do Parque Dom Pedro II


São Paulo one of the biggest and most important cities of the world is turning 459 today. Have you ever been to ‘Sampa’? What is your favorite place in the city? I’ve decided to celebrate by posting pics about some places I love to visit.

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Tired of Life? Go to Ubatuba!

Ubatuba (“ooba-Tuba”), one of the main cities on São Paulo’s North Shore, has a sinuous shoreline with 92 beaches which are never too far from the mountains in Brazil’s coastal range.

At many points, the hills are covered with native rainforest. Part of Ubatuba is inside Parque Estadual da Serra do Mar, one of the state’s largest conservation areas.


It is placed in the northern littoral of  Sao Paulo, 334 kilometres from Rio de Janeiro and 234 kilometres from Sao Paulo.  This is a mountainous  area covered by Atlantic vegetation. Its beaches are beloved for many Brazilians. It has 80 beaches over its 90 kilometre coast, from the exited and  dynamic beaches of Itamambuca and Vermelha do Norte, frequented by sportsmen, with strong waves, until the free paradisiacal beaches of La Playa de la Hacienda, with calm waters.


Visit also the beautiful work of photography by Gustavo Asciutti in http://www.wikiaves.com.br/ specially if you’re a bird watcher.

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I simply loved it!

This beautiful illustration was produced by Migy Blanco who also illustrates children books among other works. I also found an amazing tour guide book about my country.


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Yes, I’m From Brazil


Yes, I’m from Brazil and for heaven’s sake, I couldn’t dance samba to save my life. I do not support any football team; I do not watch TV because I love reading. I speak Portuguese (and a great deal of English). I’ve never been to the forest; I am an urban creature who lives in one of the biggest cities of the world. Yes, São Paulo is in Brazil not in Argentina and Buenos Aires is definitely not the capital of my country. Yes, I have to tell you that ‘feijoada’ is really delicious (you should try it with ‘caipirinha’) and that our coffee really tastes like coffee. Just in case you’re afraid of being mugged, you have to fear our politicians, much more than our people (like any other country, by the way). Brazilian music is fascinating and yes, we have all sorts of landscapes here from jungle to incredible modern cities besides spots that can remind you of heaven. Before I forget, I don’t have macaws in my backyard and I hate thinking they’re on the verge of extinction.

Yes, I recommend  http://yes-butno.tumblr.com/


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London Olympics 2012 Closing Ceremony


I loved the pictures, especially Marisa Monte’s performance. You can visit the site for more http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/articles/372924/20120813/london-olympics-closing-ceremony-performers-2012-playlist.htm

Wants more? http://www.marisamonte.com.br/en/biografia/. In this site you can get in touch with Marisa Monte’s music and career.

Now, it’s Rio’s turn. Get to know the official site of 2016 games  on http://rio2016.com/en and some more of Rio’s history on http://rio2016.com/en/rio-de-janeiro/rio-and-its-history

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Take a bow London!



London and its impressive landmanks in Olympic times can be seen in this site http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2187373/Take-bow-London-How-capital-took-Olympics-heart-stunning-landmarks-perfect-backdrop-gold.html

As you can see I’ve already chosen my favorite one. What’s yours?

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‘Luz’ Railway Station, São Paulo

‘Luz’, my favorite railway station in the world together with very interesting places  you can visit  such as Pinacoteca, Parque da Luz, Museu da Língua Portuguesa and Museu de Arte Sacra. I also found a very interesting site with detailed information for a tourist http://www.virtualtourist.com/travel/South_America/Brazil/Estado_de_Sao_Paulo/Sao_Paulo-1500790/Things_To_Do-Sao_Paulo-Railway_station-BR-1.html


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Yes, I have experienced London Weather!

Sunny London is lovely. The sunlit city with its squares and gardens can really illuminate the worst of moods. It’s a delight to eyes and soul.

Rainny London can kill your dearest hopes of a good day. Rain comes out of nothing, it is sudden, unnexpected. Be prepared to buy an umbrella (a good one) in case you have forgotten yours.

Cold London is … well, your skin and bones will never be the same anymore. Never had I seen my face that red before, and I am not white to get so red. Scarves, coats and gloves and you’re still cold. Hot chocolate, hot soup, hot tea and you’re still cold. So, be cold.

Even your thoughts will fly in windy London, together with your belongings if you’re not alert. I saw umbrellas going into orbit.

Useful sites to get along well with the city http://www.weather.com/weather/right-now/UKXX0085

Sunlit day in Cambridge.

Right after the rain in Candem Town.

Redfaced and happy in Canterbury.

Jubilee day, I still haven’t fully recovered from that cold.

You can get this card on  http://www.bidorbuy.co.za/item/37444422/BRITISH_WEATHER_LONDON_POSTCARD_USED.html


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Buskers in London

Buskers add different tunes and colors to the city of London as in every big city in the world. The diversity of styles, coming from all parts of the planet is what makes the difference here. They are everywhere, specially at tube stations. I found a documentary that richly illustrates buskers work and relationship with London.

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Mind the Gap

Mind the gap between the train and the platform! The announcement is similar to what we listen at the tube in São Paulo, but taking the tube in London is a complete different adventure. Fumbling with the map, the corridors, tunnels, changing lines, searching for directions inside tube stations was another learning experience we, a group of 30 Brazilian language teachers had during our staying in London.

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