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Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth

Produced by Youtube.

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Yes, I have experienced London Weather!

Sunny London is lovely. The sunlit city with its squares and gardens can really illuminate the worst of moods. It’s a delight to eyes and soul.

Rainny London can kill your dearest hopes of a good day. Rain comes out of nothing, it is sudden, unnexpected. Be prepared to buy an umbrella (a good one) in case you have forgotten yours.

Cold London is … well, your skin and bones will never be the same anymore. Never had I seen my face that red before, and I am not white to get so red. Scarves, coats and gloves and you’re still cold. Hot chocolate, hot soup, hot tea and you’re still cold. So, be cold.

Even your thoughts will fly in windy London, together with your belongings if you’re not alert. I saw umbrellas going into orbit.

Useful sites to get along well with the city http://www.weather.com/weather/right-now/UKXX0085

Sunlit day in Cambridge.

Right after the rain in Candem Town.

Redfaced and happy in Canterbury.

Jubilee day, I still haven’t fully recovered from that cold.

You can get this card on  http://www.bidorbuy.co.za/item/37444422/BRITISH_WEATHER_LONDON_POSTCARD_USED.html


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A group of Brazilian teachers studying in London decided to share their impressions on Queen’s jubilee in this amazing production you can see on vimeo https://vimeo.com/43628027 . I`d like to thank all people who shared their material with me as I wouldn’t be able to produce this video otherwise, specially to teacher Bete Breternitz for her incredible sense of humour and amazing narrative.

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