Tired of Life? Go to Ubatuba!

Ubatuba (“ooba-Tuba”), one of the main cities on São Paulo’s North Shore, has a sinuous shoreline with 92 beaches which are never too far from the mountains in Brazil’s coastal range.

At many points, the hills are covered with native rainforest. Part of Ubatuba is inside Parque Estadual da Serra do Mar, one of the state’s largest conservation areas.


It is placed in the northern littoral of  Sao Paulo, 334 kilometres from Rio de Janeiro and 234 kilometres from Sao Paulo.  This is a mountainous  area covered by Atlantic vegetation. Its beaches are beloved for many Brazilians. It has 80 beaches over its 90 kilometre coast, from the exited and  dynamic beaches of Itamambuca and Vermelha do Norte, frequented by sportsmen, with strong waves, until the free paradisiacal beaches of La Playa de la Hacienda, with calm waters.


Visit also the beautiful work of photography by Gustavo Asciutti in http://www.wikiaves.com.br/ specially if you’re a bird watcher.

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