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London, London

London, London is one of my favorite songs written by Caetano Veloso .Brazil was in a militar dictatorship for 20 years and Caetano was “invited” to leave the country in the late 60’s.

Another video of London, London when he was younger.

As everybody has already noticed now, the world hasn’t finished. So, I will finish this posting with ‘Terra’ (Earth), definitely a celebration of life and surely my favorite one composed by Caetano Veloso.


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The Visit

Foto 3351

I visited the office of the Secretary of Education Alexandre Schneider this Thursday. There is no secret that the implementation of English language teaching for Ciclo I has always been my passion. I strongly believe in the potential of our children and the ability of  municipal network to offer English language instruction also for small kids. During 2010, we started a dialogue about what was then only a possibility. Now, dream come true. It is rewarding to see how much children enjoy their English lessons and how we are also learning from them. Positive experiences for the whole school community happening in all corners of the city and of course, new challenges for 2013. The Secretary who always follows our work has made ​​a post about one of our video productions on his Facebook page on the net. In the words of Alexandre Schneider:

“Beautiful video about pet adoption, created by two  9 year-old students of EMEF João Pinheiro, São Paulo. The year 2012 marked the implementation of teaching English to students from early elementary school. Today I received the visit of professor Rose Gimenes, from EMEF João Pinheiro school, who is  responsible for this and other activities. She is greatly committed to the implementation of English language for Ciclo I kids. ”

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Corinthians STUN Chelsea in Japan

corinthians-x-chelsea-escudosYokohama, Japan – Paolo Guerrero scored the only goal of the match to give Brazilian club Corinthians a 1-0 victory against Chelsea to win the World Club Cup for the second time in their history. As a totally atypical Brazilian I have to confess that I didn’t watch the match, I never watch any of them. However, my noisy neighbors tell me that it was memorable, with entitled countdown with fireworks since yesterday afternoon. Corinthians supporters are overflowing happiness here. You can read the complete article on Congratulations!

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No space for a xmas tree? Sure?



Here you’ll have some tips on how to create a christmas tree without spending too much, perfect for small spaces


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We need 1.4 million Brazilians to sign a petition for a new law to stop deforestation in the Amazon. Saving amazon we are saving our own future.

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December 10, 2012 · 7:37 pm

Saleem in Sampa

It was Saleem’s turn to show a little of São Paulo for his friends in Lebanon. Take a look at and visit Sampa (São Paulo) with us.

2014-12-15 12.56.19

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Brazilian Music is Great!

Real Brazilian music. The first video shows Almir Sater, one of our most brilliant musicians playing ‘O Ganso’ (The Goose). I love every song he composes, one of my favorites is ‘A Moura’. His site is The second video shows a group of three musicians. They are sisters and their band is called ‘Choro das Três’. Chorinho is a very popular rhythm created in Brazil, in the video they are playing Alla Turca (Turkish Alla), I also love listening to them playing ‘Odeon’. They have a site, go to

Here is a definition I found for ‘Chorinho’

I would like to finish this post with the greatest master ‘Pixinguinha’ playing ‘Carinhoso’.

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