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You do not know if your students would like to speak a foreign language or not. Let them make their own puppets and try. You will be amazed at the ability of children to use the language and with the joy they amuse themselves with it.

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Sua Incelença – Richard III

If you happen to be in São Paulo and likes Shakespeare, you can’t miss ‘The Clowns of Shakespeare performing Sua Incelença (Your Majesty) – Ricardo III. See how I and my students enjoyed them and visit the group’s site on http://www.clowns.com.br/site2011/index.php, the soundtrack brings Luiz  Gonzaga, surely one of the greatest Brazilian musicians of all time, together with Queen and Supertramp. I wish you could check it out.

You can also visit my school page http://joaopinheironarede.blogspot.com.br/ .

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Canterbury Tales

If you like storytelling, you must visit Canterbury. The city is famous for the Canterbury Tales and it is amazing visiting the theatre where small groups move into different scenarios to listen to them. In the picture I am imitating the powerful ‘Wife of Bath’, one of the tales you can learn more about on  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wife_of_Bath’s_Tale and visit also the site http://www.canterburytales.org.uk/home.htm

Castles,  the Cathedral of St Thomas, the boat trips and the very streets of Canterbury make you feel yourself in medieval times.

Learn more: http://www.ecastles.co.uk/index.html

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Shakespeare Death Scenes

A comedic compilation of a number of Shakespeare’s death scenes featured in Take Note Troupe’s Shakespeare 101: Passing The Bard. That would be a good idea visiting their site http://takenotetroupe.org/


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Next by Barry Purves

William Shakespeare, without saying a word, gives a quick run through of all his plays in a very special audition. Fantastic.


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