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Happy Teachers’ Day!

I like to be human because in my unfinishedness I know that I am conditioned. Yet conscious of such conditioning, I know that I can go beyond it, which is the essential difference between conditioned and determined existence. ~ Paulo Freire, Pedagogy of Freedom

To teach is not to transfer knowledge but to create the possibilities for the production or construction of knowledge. ~ Paulo Freire, Pedagogy of Freedom

For more Pedagogy of Freedom, visit http://www.uky.edu/~eushe2/quotations/freire.html

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Educators celebrate Paulo Freire’s birthday

Paulo Freire was born in 1921 in Recife, Brazil.  In 1947 he began work with adult illiterates in North-East Brazil and gradually evolved a method of work with which the word conscientization has been associated.

Until 1964 he was Professor of History and Philosophy of Education in the University of Recife and in the 1960s he was involved with a popular education movement to deal with massive illiteracy.  From 1962 there were widespread experiments with his method and the movement was extended under the patronage of the federal government.  In 1963-4 there were courses for co-ordinators in all Brazilian states and a plan was drawn up for the establishment of 2000 cultural circles to reach 2,000,000 illiterates!

Freire was imprisoned following the 1964 coup d’etat for what the new regime considered to be subversive elements in his teaching.  He next appeared in exile in Chile where his method was used and the UN School of Political Sciences held seminars on his work.  In 1969-70 he was Visiting Professor at the Centre for the Study of Development and Social Change at Harvard University.

He then went to the World Council of Churches in Geneva where, in 1970, he took up a post as special consultant in the Office of Education.  Over the next nine years in that post he advised on education reform and initiated popular education activities with a range of groups.

Paulo Freire was able to return to Brazil by 1979.  Freire joined the Workers’ Party in Sao Paulo and headed up its adult literacy project for six years.  When the party took control of Sao Paulo municipality following elections in 1988, Paulo Freire was appointed as Sao Paulo’s Secretary of Education.

Freire died in 1997.

Learn more about his work http://www.freire.org/

“Attempting to liberate the oppressed without their reflective participation in the act of liberation is to treat them as objects that must be saved from a burning building.” Paulo Freire, from Pedagogy of the Opressed.

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