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The John Roan School

The John Roan School has served the community of Greenwich for over 300 years. The school values all of its members and has a deep commitment to the most important people in the education process – our students.

It was amazing to vist John Roan School together with my group, I`d like to thank all people involved in recieving us specially the kids who showed us all departments and interesting acitvities they do in this fantastic historical place. In this site you`ll find a pdf version of their magazine full of information on their school environment.

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June 14, 2012 · 9:27 am


But, what is London after all?

Museums, art galleries, churches, shopping malls, dance, tube stations, red buses, train trips, ticket offices, post cards, information desks, teachers, pubs, pink hair, wraps, umbrellas, sorries, thanks, pleases and excuses and me in the midst of all that trying to figure out what london is. A bit of everything and nothing at the same time.

Cold weather, strong wind, rain, skype, boots, concerts, high heels, cameras, fish and chips and samosas, cabo tv, bikes, books, parks, white lamps, clinking of tea cups, coffee, overcoats, turbans, saris, scarves, tissues, keys, cigar, perfume, hands fumbling into bags, maps, castles, bridges, boats, delays, busy lines, sandwiches, coins, towers, cards, cards and cards. Or just my mind giving my writing direction…


Note: my journal entry for Stephen Hill’s lesson on free writing.

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A group of Brazilian teachers studying in London decided to share their impressions on Queen’s jubilee in this amazing production you can see on vimeo . I`d like to thank all people who shared their material with me as I wouldn’t be able to produce this video otherwise, specially to teacher Bete Breternitz for her incredible sense of humour and amazing narrative.

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