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We need 1.4 million Brazilians to sign a petition for a new law to stop deforestation in the Amazon. Saving amazon we are saving our own future.

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December 10, 2012 · 7:37 pm

Institute of Education, London University

My hometown for 35 days. The virtual tour.


August 3, 2012 · 1:55 am

Olympic Games

The flame is in London, find out everything you want to know about the Olympic Games at the official site.


July 28, 2012 · 12:07 am

Andrew Articles and Stories

Fantastic material for storytelling in ELT. According to the author:

‘This site is mainly intended to act as a library of stories and articles which I would like people to use if they find them of interest.

By offering what I have made I hope to put a grain of sand in the balance set against all the selfishness and greed, violence and prejudice in this world of ours.’

‘Modern technology is bringing down dictatorships…lets use it to build up companionship as well!’

Andrew Wright

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July 18, 2012 · 9:42 pm

The Foundling Museum

What impressed me  most was to listen to some of these kids testimonial about their lives at the Foundling Hospital,

The Foundling Hospital, which continues today as the children’s charity Coram, was established by Royal Charter in 1739, after a long struggle by Captain Thomas Coram (1668-1751). Coram was a successful shipwright and sailor who had returned to England to retire after a life’s work in the New World of America.  Coram had been appalled by the discarded and dying children in the streets of London and spent seventeen years campaigning for the establishment of a Foundling Hospital.

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July 13, 2012 · 1:20 am

Florence Nightingale Museum

Visiting this museum was very special to me as I am mother of a nurse. Most of facts about Florence Nightingale’s life I had already learned from my daughter since her graduation days. My daughter and also Florence have taught me how persistent and committed people nurses are.

‘Florence Nightingale became a living legend as the ‘Lady with the Lamp’. She led the nurses caring for thousands of soldiers during the Crimean War and helped save the British army from medical disaster.

This was just one of Florence’s many achievements. She was also a visionary health reformer, a brilliant campaigner, the most influential woman in Victorian Britain and its Empire, second only to Queen Victoria herself.’

Visit the site and find out more.

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July 13, 2012 · 1:11 am

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When I first saw Daniel Maples playing in Portobello Road it impressed me how he created music from that unusual instrument! It was amazing and I would like to recommend his site.


July 7, 2012 · 2:01 am