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Brazilian Music is Great!

Real Brazilian music. The first video shows Almir Sater, one of our most brilliant musicians playing ‘O Ganso’ (The Goose). I love every song he composes, one of my favorites is ‘A Moura’. His site is http://www.almirsaterbrasil.com.br/. The second video shows a group of three musicians. They are sisters and their band is called ‘Choro das Três’. Chorinho is a very popular rhythm created in Brazil, in the video they are playing Alla Turca (Turkish Alla), I also love listening to them playing ‘Odeon’. They have a site, go to http://www.chorodas3.com.br/

Here is a definition I found for ‘Chorinho’ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Choro

I would like to finish this post with the greatest master ‘Pixinguinha’ playing ‘Carinhoso’.

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