The history behind the picture

may2012I can still remember when this picture was taken and how tired I was at the end of that day. Pictures always have a history behind them, much more interesting than the developed frame most of times. Working with kids is so physically demanding as it is rewarding, you get exhausted and paradoxically at peace of mind at the same time.  All I wanted in  that particular day was to go home for my well-deserved rest. Even though, some extra work waited for me in the shape of two students. To be honest, I had quite forgotten that a couple of students would be waiting for me in order to make the most important part of the recording of a short movie we were planning for a festival in which our school was enrolled for the second year. Well, one cannot be a teacher and limit oneself to write things on the board and have the students merely to copy them.

When I arrived at the computer room he was already there, exulting happiness for everything was ready for our session. Thiago was explaining me that he and his friend Juliana had already chosen the spot where they would perform and record the movie but she was late. They wanted to use the sports court because of the monocycle, but I was worried because of the illumination and the audio effects in such opened space. However, as all my strenght had been drained from me I kept silent, just listening to his explanations and he was so excited that I didn’t have the heart to disappoint him.

As he spoke my mind would go in and out of tune as a bad radio.I had been approved to study in London and was about to travel in a couple of days, we would have a very short time to finish the whole project, the students didn’t know it yet and all these things came in and out of my mind. I suddenly looked at him and he took the picture. I’ve just had half a second to remove my glasses.

When Juliana finally managed to arrive I sort of recovered part of my senses as if she had drawn both ot us out of a trance. She had been also drained from her strenght and was tired as most evening students always are. Anyway,  the very perspective of giving life to a project of her own was enough to operate a complete change in her countenance. I automatically followed them to the place and suggested some arrangements during the last rehearsal. She gracefully rode the monocycle circling the sports court to finally stop near the goal posts. Then,  she recited a poem entitled ‘Clown’ which is very famous in Brazil . The effect of her voice remained in my head for several days. What a sad life clowns have, for heavens sake!

The result of this and other adventures can be seen at, it is one of my favorite short movies produced by students.  In fact we had just a couple of days to edit and make the subtitles before my departure to London from where I did all burocratic work to send the videos to the festival ‘Creating with purpose’ promoted by Adobe Foundation. If there is one thing I love about my job is the possibility of fostering students’ creative powers together with teaching them some English along the process. That day I went home more than two hours later than I had expected to and I can’t remember the walking, I might have levitated.

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