Buying Books

I loved the idea of The Book Depository  sharing with us what books people are buying around the world. It was amazing!  The ones who love literature, just love, no explanation. Some may wonder what’s the point of looking at a map with names of books popping up all the time. However, I find it absolutely fascinating trying to figure out who those people are and why they’ve chosen this or that book. Were they motivated by personal interests? Is there any connection with current events in their countries? Media influence? Buzzword? Any connection with age? Profession? There is someone from Malta who bought Animal Farm , a fellow from Australia has just grabbed Waking The Tiger, whereas someone from Chile preferred Rede de Computadores and Ice Man was the favorite to someone in Poland, Cliffs of Insanity was just purchased  in Ireland, Art of the Japanese Postcard – Masterpieces  from Th Leonard A Lauder Collection (Hardback) has just been bought in Germany (might be gorgeous this one, I am curious). My choice was Once Upon a Time: on the Nature of Fairytale which I strongly recommend. That’s enough for a while, before they find out there is a crazy lady spying on their books, check the site, you might enjoy it

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