London Diary, July 25.

Foreign language teachers seem to think alike no matter what language they teach or where they live. In England schools also offer classes in foreign language, usually French, German or Spanish. The teachers with whom we had contact during the time we studied in London, have the same concerns that we foreign language teachers here in Brazil have when it comes to eliciting good reasons for our students to learn English. One might think: ‘if the entire planet is learning to speak English, why do I need to worry about learning another language?’ In the photo below we can see a language teacher in action in order to answer to this question, besides to engage students into studying a foreign language.

 And you? can you think of other reasons to study a foreign language? Leave us your comment.


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3 responses to “London Diary, July 25.

  1. The list of reasons for learning a foreign language is good but incomplete. There have been many studies about how learning multiple languages broadens the brains ability to “think out of the box”. This is understandable since thoughts are so closely linked to the words we use to think. For me, learning figures of speech from different cultures is a refreshing way to appreciate the fact that things aren’t necessarily seen in the same ways in different cultures. I find the study of these differences intriguing; they motivate me to learn more and facilitate the retention of new ways of talking.

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