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London Diary, July 19.

Reading seems to be a fascination here, the number of bookshops and people reading everywhere demonstrates it. There are places that simply invites to a good reading, all over the city. The picture says: ‘Grab your book and join us.’

In this coffee shop they lend you a book and you can get a free coffee when you donate yours.

Even if you do not have anything to read, believe, the city provides a wide assortment of touristic information everywhere!

This one reminds me a lot of São Paulo. People reading in buses and trains.

So, if you have a book to recommend us, leave your suggestion here.

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Canterbury Tales

If you like storytelling, you must visit Canterbury. The city is famous for the Canterbury Tales and it is amazing visiting the theatre where small groups move into different scenarios to listen to them. In the picture I am imitating the powerful ‘Wife of Bath’, one of the tales you can learn more about on  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wife_of_Bath’s_Tale and visit also the site http://www.canterburytales.org.uk/home.htm

Castles,  the Cathedral of St Thomas, the boat trips and the very streets of Canterbury make you feel yourself in medieval times.

Learn more: http://www.ecastles.co.uk/index.html

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